Download Instructions

Download an installer for Windows or Mac. After downloading, run it as a desktop program to install Tag.

* Additional instructions for Mac computers: we do not yet have a digital signature from Apple (it is pending), so a warning will display when you open the installer. Open the downloaded folder, highlight the *.dmg installer file, and use the right-click popup menu to open (you may have to do it twice).

After installation you will be prompted to login or create an account. After you create an account, Tag will launch and you will begin your 30 day unlimited use trial of the community plan (the freemium plan). You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time by accessing the self-serve billing portal under "Manage my account" in Tag.

We are in a period of rapid development and use an auto-update mechanism to distribute new releases. Periodically you will see an icon indicating a new release is ready to install. This screenshot of the top-right corner of Tag shows the update icon circled in red.  When this icon appears, the update will occur after you next exit and restart Tag. 

*Note that Tag is a desktop application. We are not yet mobile compatible, so downloading on your phone won't work. 

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