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Welcome to nSymbol Tag, a toolkit for generating word processing documents.

It’s a fast-changing world…

These words have never been truer, especially when considering the urgent push to remote work and the implications of ever-improving AI (Artificial Intelligence).

How can nSymbol Tag help your company keep up?

  • Automate even extremely complex documents with rules that can be specified by non-technical users
  • Reduce document preparation time through point-and-click data entry and a big easy button for document generation
  • Organize and standardize important company communications, text fragments, images and branding
  • Improve document quality and reduce errors with data validation rules and automated data entry
  • Turn current static documents into dynamic, living documents with the ability to capture changing data and later export it for analysis

Use Cases

Tag can be used to streamline your work in many different industries. Here are some examples.


Physical and mental health practitioners know about data and the need to communicate effectively. See how Tag can automate even the most complex reports that include hundreds of data points.


The legal industry is a great fit for content automation. They use many fragments of text and are very careful about when to use them. Tag can be used to automate the creation of contracts and more.


Teachers and other education professionals generally have more stuff to do than available time to do it. See how Tag can be used to automate report cards, to save time and eliminate common errors.

Other Industry

Content automation can provide value in any industry that creates repetitive word processing documents. This use case describes how Tag can generate invoices for the sale of products or services.

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Automating knowledge can help you save time, increase quality, and remember less stuff. Let the computer do more work for you.

Save instructions to create common documents

Tag captures knowledge in several ways, for personal use and to share with your team. Decide what data is important and how it should be organized. Write smart templates using a familiar word processor look and feel. Insert logic and data using point-and-click expressions.

Let the computer handle repetitive work

Once knowledge is saved it can work for you. Automatically generate forms to match your data. Auto-upgrade data documents when fields change. Auto-fill forms with data from other data sources. Generate documents, or collections of documents, at the touch of a button.

Your team will be more productive and appreciate clear instructions that explain how documents are created.

Ease of use + automation really speeds things up

Enter data using intuitive forms. Allow clients and partners to enter data remotely and import with just a few clicks. When the data is ready, preview generated content, save to a file, or create multiple documents based on multiple CSV rows (advanced).

Put it all together, and it’s not uncommon to reduce the time to create recurring documents by 80% or more.

Organize well and prevent common errors

Organize using named templates that can be shared. Keep track of and standardize useful text fragments. Eliminate copy/paste errors (e.g., he/she, client name). Be precise about when to use fragments.

Freely mix content, logic and data using a cutting-edge word processor to improve precision and reliability.

Learning new things can be a big cost

Tag gives you the power of a programmer without having to train or hire one. No-code expressions support point and click logic. Widget templates make dynamic lists easy. Wizards ask questions and remember your answers.

Empower team members to describe what they want, and get it, without relying on IT experts.

Capturing instructions means you can forget them

Once your instructions are created, Tag reliably runs them. You can forget the details and focus on more important things. You can even transfer this knowledge to other team members, knowing that all details are accessible and mostly self-documenting.

Tag offers a great way to capture and share team knowledge.

Why NSymbol?

Whether you are creating office documents or working with data, you are always working with symbols. Symbols are used to write content (words and images), define data (field names), create logic (instructions) and communicate bigger concepts (knowledge graphs).

Our company name, nSymbol, reflects this. The “n” represents some unknown quantity or number of symbols, that are used together to do useful work. The symbols provide meaning for humans, and allow computers to automate with precision.

Our logo also reflects this. The A represents symbols that are used to automate processes depicted by the arrows. The color is green to represent success and the money you will save as the computer does more work for you. Tag has evolved from a service utilized by psychologists for complex psychological assessment reports, but can now be used in any industry. Tag benefits from the high bar set by psychological reports, both in format and logic capabilities.

It also benefits from a user base who did not want to learn complicated tech, or remember lots of commands. They wanted a no-code solution to self-create and integrate thousands of data points with hundreds of fragments of text based on their professional knowledge. So, we built one for them (and you).

The end result is a tool that gives you the power of a programmer without needing to learn how to write software code. We offer this tool as a service to you with a commitment to ongoing service and support. We’ll help you get off to a productive start and ensure that we’ve got your back if any issues arise.

We can’t wait to show you how much fun it is to click a magic wand icon and speed through your work. Once you get started, you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things.

Tag has a different technical foundation than most other content generation tools. Take a look at how we compare with several leading offerings in this space.


… Sometimes errors would creep in because I would miss changing a client name or a “he” to a “she.” With Tag, I don’t have to worry about these types of errors anymore. Not only are all my fragments of text at my fingertips (no more wracking my brain trying to remember where I wrote about “that thing”), but I have NEVER made preventable copy/paste errors since using the software. (see more)


Clinical Psychologist

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Software guarantee

Our #1 priority at nSymbol is your happiness. Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it: refund fees, explain a solution, fix a bug, add a new feature, whatever it takes. Just reach out to our team. We want you to be happy.