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The Librarian

There Is No Shelf

The Librarian may have a look and feel similar to a data grid or database, but actually no data is stored in it. It is like having a library with no permanent bookshelves that get cluttered up or disorganized. Instead, the Librarian is pointed at your existing csv file or database, or even files or documents on your hard drive, and a tree of symbols is extracted from your content. It is as though a library shelf with relevant information is created on the fly, just for you, just when you need it, and then disbanded when the session is over. It is up to you if any changes made to the information on the temporary shelf is saved back to the original location. 

The Symbol Tree

The Librarian moves beyond the traditional two-dimensional grid to surface linked data in an ontology of related symbols, or a Symbol Tree. A Symbol Tree uses Classes, Properties, and Individuals to add semantic meaning and relationships to data, making it smart. But don't worry, there is no big learning curve to get up-and-running. Most of this happens behind the scenes as you create grids with columns and rows and values, just like you are used to. The cool thing about a Symbol Tree is that Artificial Intelligence can be turned on to make inferences about your data, giving you even more insight. 

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