Public resources compatible with Knowledge Graphs

In many industries there are shared models that are important for day-to-day work. In a growing number of cases, these models are being formalized as ontologies and other formats that are compatible with knowledge graphs. Other models are focused on a more global view of knowledge.


Some examples of notable public graphs/models are listed below.


General business use

Web search and online commerce


Wikipedia knowledge graphs

  • DBpedia (curated graphs representing knowledge extracted from Wikipedia)

  • Wikidata (central storage for structured data used in Wikipedia and other sites)

YAGO knowledge base

  • YAGO (large knowledge base about people, cities, countries, movies and organizations)


  • BabelNet (collection of synonyms and translations in various languages)


  • GeoNames (global geographical database containing over eleven million placenames)


  • MusicBrainz (open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata)

Provenance metadata

  • PROV (describing the origins of digital assets)


Data mining

KDnuggets open source knowledge graphs

  • KDnuggets (great list of public datasets for data mining)

Linked open data cloud

  • LOD Cloud (largest knowledge graph collective on the planet, by far)



  • FIBO (things of interest in financial applications)

  • FRO (regulatory compliance)


  • FHIR (electronic health records)

  • ICD-10-CM (International Classification of Diseases)

  • RxNorm (clinical drugs)

  • SNOMED (clinical terminology)

  • OGMS (Ontology for General Medical Science)

  • MedDRA (data entry, retrieval, analysis, and display)

  • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)


  • LKIF (Commonsense-based legal ontology)


  • IRO (insurance regulatory reporting)


There are many other examples. Useful models don't have to be in a specific format, as long as they are well organized.

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