Psycho Blurbs is a Tag add-on intended for those trained in the use of 
psychological assessment tools. It is designed to generate an integrated 
psychological report which includes interpretations for several popular assessment tests.

Enter assessment data

Easy-to-use forms gather data for each selected assessment test. A wizard guides you through setup pages and one page for each selected test.

Generate Word documents

Report components are based on industry best-practices developed in the 
spirit of the "Essentials of" assessment report writing series of books written by Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger and Alan S. Kaufman.


The report may include sections for cognitive-intellectual, academic, attention/concentration, executive functioning, learning and memory, emotional and behavioral functioning, adaptive functioning and more. Below is a fragment of WAIS-4 draft report content.

Generated Word documents contain headings, lists, tables and headers/footers that may contain personal contact information. The content in each section can be customized or completely replaced according to the judgement of each psychologist / author.

Sample data setup files and/or reports are provided for: ABAS3, BASC3, CPT3, CVLT3, KTEA3, RADS2, RCFT, RCMAS2, WAIS4, WISC5, WPPSI4 AND WRAT5. Subscription fees are US $29/month with an annual discount.

If you are a registered psychologist and would like to download a 30 day demo, please contact us.

When each page has all required data fields filled in the Generate page will become available. This allows you to generate a new draft Word report with a simple click of a button.

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