Step-by-Step Guides

Step-by-Step Guides

The following step-by-step guides focus on specific Tag features. Both HTML and PDF versions are provided for each guide.

Create basic report | PDF

This guide demonstrates a quick way to create a new report. It uses the Basic report setup panel to generate some of the files, while other files are copied from a sample. Most notably, it shows how to use common templates like he-she and Client.

Create SEO script | PDF

This guide shows how to create SEO script fragments that can improve a website’s visibility in search engines. It uses the SEO setup panel to select some classes from, which are then narrowed further by selecting only fields/properties of interest. The end result is a set of forms to gather SEO data, and a wizard that generates SEO scripts that can be added to a website. An optional summary report is also created.

Import content from *.docx files | PDF

This guide shows how to import static content from a *.docx file and convert it into dynamic content. It starts with the Basic report setup panel to reuse He-She and he-she templates, and also reuses a client data setup file. After importing content, value-of instructions to insert first name are added. The find/replace dialog is also used to replace occurrences of “She” with calls to the He-She template.

CSV Import | PDF

This guide shows how to import data from a CSV file into a form. It uses the Custom order sample files to define a product order that merges customer data gathered externally (e.g., in a web form saved to CSV) and business data gathered in Tag. The CSV import is managed visually by dragging lines to map CSV columns to data fields.

CSV Export | PDF

This guide shows how you can merge data from similar data files into a single CSV. It uses the Book series sample files to define data for 4 fictional books that is entered using Tag forms. A CSV export wizard is then used to scan for similar data files, and save them all to a single CSV file (where each row corresponds to 1 data file).

Create Contract | PDF

This guide walks through the steps needed to convert a static legal contract into a dynamic (data-driven) contract. It replaces underline areas in the static contract (where people are supposed to write values with a pen) with value-of instructions that insert values gathered from a form. It also defines two conditional clause fragments that are only inserted when needed.

Open Graph | PDF

This guide provides a working example of how to generate Open Graph metadata. Using Open Graph can improve a website’s visibility in social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This guide uses Open Graph sample files to create a form, then exports a copy of the data as Open Graph metadata which can be embedded within a website.