Generate Documents

Generate Documents

In the Tag Smart Content app

The Generate page is where you get paid back in time savings for creating smart content. It allows you to generate *.docx word processing files based on data entered in the attached forms.

You can also export data files as CSV, or export SEO data to communicate better with search engines.

Magic Wand

  • :- The Magic Wand tool on the generate page triggers all work needed to generate a file.
  • :- When Tag runs, you know it will execute the instructions you have given it reliably and that the generated document will be free of typos and other human errors.
  • :- The more Tag runs, the more time you will save, freeing you up to think about what other documents you can automate.

Generation Preview

  • :- When using Tag under the Community subscription, you are limited to three document generations to a file per month. These are tracked using hexagon icons as shown on the left.
  • :- Generation preview allows you to view what the generated content will look like without saving to a file (i.e., previewing is not considered one of your three usages).
  • :- All subscriptions have unlimited preview, which means you can always review the effects of changes to content, logic or data before you generate to a file.

Export as CSV

  • :- Data gathered using forms can be used for more than just content generation. It can also be exported as CSV for use in other systems.
  • :- This is useful when you have multiple data files for the same report, and would like to analyze them together.
  • :- Just pick a root folder, let the export wizard scan for files, then save a CSV with one row for each data document.


Watch short videos demonstrating how documents are generated

Step-by-step guides

Several of the guides demonstrate how to generate documents

User manual

The user manual for forms provides more information about content generation