Future apps

This page describes some Tag apps that we have planned for the future. Please contact us if you have interest in any of these areas, because knowing that will help us prioritize better.


Smart content is great, but currently limited to generating one document at a time. Sometimes you want to generate one document for each item in a list, or each row in a CSV file.

The Tasks app allows authors to define a sequence (pipeline) of steps that are able to generate smart content documents and do many other things. 

Another way to use tasks is calling external services (see below), which often return datasets of rows and columns. The Tasks app can turn those rows and columns into actions.

Machine learning and web API services

The term machine learning (ML) covers a wide range of applications in recent years. Tag can incorporate useful commercial ML services (e.g., backed by Amazon Web Services) including entity detection, translation, topic modeling, PDF/image digitization (the new OCR), text-to-speech, speech-to-text and image/video recognition.

There is also a rich ecosystem of web API offerings (free and commercial) which Tag can call and turn into something useful. Many of these return datasets which can be saved as data, hooked up to actions, and used to automate your business.

We can provide some of these services now on a case-by-case basis. Reach out for more information.

Share content and other files

When creating smart content or knowledge graphs, it is often helpful to have an example to work from. We have samples to share, and want to make it possible for Tag authors to share with others that have the same interests. This would be similar to other content sharing services, except that logic and data structure can also be shared.

The Samples app currently in Tag offers a modest start to this goal. It includes our public samples and some private ones on behalf of our customers, but does not yet support search. Related files (e.g., data structure, templates, images) are packaged together for reviewing, and can be customized when saving local copies.

Future work in this area will include a searchable repository which accepts tagged user contributions.

Version control and remote backup

We've been experimenting with GIT as an integrated solution for version control. It allows Tag users to save prior versions of documents and easily backup to remote locations.


GIT can also be used to share documents between a group of authors. Each person saves changes locally, and periodically sends copies to a shared server. If merge conflicts are detected (e.g., two authors editing the same document) Tag would notify you and suggest ways to resolve change merging issues.

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