About US

nSymbol was started by two co-founders: a psychologist and a developer. The psychologist was too busy at work because she had long and complex reports to write, over and over again. This was her motto:

The developer liked building no-code solutions, where non-technical users can share some of the power that programmers get to enjoy. So, he made her a magic wand:

This made her very happy and gave her much more free time. When her friends saw how much time she freed up (and how awesome her reports were), they wanted her to share. So, she said:

After automating smart content, they wanted to make the wand smarter. That led to automating other kinds of knowledge and applications, and launched the company on its mission.

Tag makes it easy to capture and automate knowledge


To make it easier for you to automate what you know.

You know how to do your job, make a good impression and communicate effectively. When writing content the computer should remember how you do it, and take care of the busy work next time.


To help people find more time and collaborate in a richer way.

  • We want smarter no-code tools… software that you don’t need training to use.
  • We want better collaboration… sharing knowledge that does real work.
  • We want to use Artificial Intelligence… so you can work faster with less effort.

It’s time for smarter tools and we’re going to provide them.

“As secretary of the board, I used to struggle to keep up with note taking during board meetings. I would misspell names of committee members and have to ask the Chair to repeat who had made or seconded motions because they would move on with the meeting so fast and I would fall behind. After the meeting, I would spend a great deal of time (sometimes hours) transcribing the notes into proper formatting on the club’s letterhead. I was often late in posting the board meeting minutes to the company’s drive, which was frustrating for all of us.

With Tag, I am easily able to keep up and capture the information during the meeting through a series of checkboxes, drop-down lists, date-pickers and text areas. I no longer have to ask the chair to recap because I don’t fall behind. As soon as the meeting is adjourned, I click the magic wand and the board meeting minutes are quickly generated, perfectly formatted, on the company’s letterhead. There are no misspelled names or other typos. What’s more, the meeting minutes are posted directly into the company’s drive, and I have zero editing to do afterward.

There have been a couple of times when our template needed changing (like when new committee members were added). I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to change the data fields, and how easy it is to change wording and formatting in the template. It’s just like regular typing in a word processor, but with extra buttons for automating things.

If you are a secretary and need to take notes for any type of repetitive documents, this software is a lifesaver!”

Dawn Lahti, Secretary of the Board, City Gymnastics Club

“I originally subscribed to Tag because of how much time and effort it could save me with my report-writing. Before I had Tag, I would have to search through my old reports to find the wording or phrasing that I would use for certain psychological tests, conditions or diagnoses. If I could find the wording, I would then copy and paste fragments of text into the new report. Sometimes errors would creep in because I would miss changing a client name or a “he” to a “she.” With Tag, I don’t have to worry about these types of errors anymore. Not only are all my fragments of text at my fingertips (no more wracking my brain trying to remember where I wrote about “that thing”), but I have NEVER made preventable copy/paste errors since using the software.

Once I saw how easy it is to create and edit data-driven reports in Tag, I started to see uses for the software everywhere. I recently finished making a template for my invoices. I used to subscribe to an accounting/invoice service that had more bells and whistles than I needed. Some people might need those extra features, but for me, those unnecessary features came at a high monthly cost. All I really need to do is generate invoices and capture data from them. So now, with the invoice template I created in Tag, I can not only generate standardized invoices, but I can also export all the data from them into a spreadsheet for year-end bookkeeping. Next on my list is to create a template to keep track of my expenses. I bet it will only take me about an hour to get that up-and-running. All this means I have been able to drop the more expensive accounting/invoice service and my monthly bills have decreased. Thanks Tag!”

Kristen, Clinical Psychologist